This is fine.

This is fine.

As you might have noticed if you breathe, nearly the entire west coast of the US is on fire as this post is written/published. It’s led to all sorts of pulmonary nastiness. It’s also led to some updates both to the server and the app for AQeye.

On the server side, first up was the incorporation of WAQA data, a State of Washington-specific rollup number on the same AirNow AQI scale but more aggressively in favor of health; as conditions worsen, the “number” is higher for WAQA than from the EPA. That change meant that the numbers alone were no longer enough to inform users. In fact, it was harmful by itself, so the source of the information had to be more clearly presented. Once that was added to the Twitter posts, it needed to be incorporated into the apps as well, for similar reasons. Of course, there were also a variety of small server bugs to fix that previously hadn’t risen to the level of effort.

For the app specifically, some questions had come in from users about context. A number of 80 and Moderate was informative, one of the queries went, but how was it overall? How close was it to “Good” or “Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups”? “Where was the chart?” So this version now has the scale “built in” as it were, right on the front screen. The numbers are still there for those who more regularly keep up with what the measurements mean and added to that is a scale display to tell you where things stand in the bigger picture as well (such as shown here).

As of this writing, the app (v2.1) has been submitted to Apple and is expected to be approved soon. The Twitter-based publishing changes are already live – see the list of Twitter accounts if you’re looking for one or more of those to follow. Don’t see your area? Feel free to ask. The same, contact if you have any other questions or suggestions!

As an aside, if you like the background photography, check out Brad Brighton (photography) on the web or Instagram. Photo prints (especially on HD Metal) make great gifts for anybody who lives somewhere with a wall.

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