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Way Back When (5): The Interlude

The Long Run It was December, 2013 when the domain name for AQeye was registered. I knew in the first year that a national rollout was not just needed but essential. This wasn’t just because I wanted this effort to be profitable (I do) but because the organizations that one would expect to inform and…
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Way Back When (4): Time Flies

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes Fast forward to September, 2014. The King Fire¬†broke out and choked northern Nevada in wildfire smoke again. Year over year, two major incidents really hammered home the need for the service the platform was providing. Once again, Washoe Air received press attention and exposure (it’s a theme that continues to…
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Way Back When (3): Adoption Catches Fire (or, “A Little Too Literal”)

As I Live and Breathe It’s said that luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. It’s hard to classify the devastation of the Rim Fire and the American Fire as “opportunity” and yet they were pivotal in the early days of this project. The summer of 2013 was a challenging one for people who…
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